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3 Apartment Organization Hacks You’ll Love

July 28th, 2017


Even if you’ve found a great apartment for rent, everyone (including you) can do a few simple things to make life just a little easier. If you’re interested in learning some tricks to cheat the space and other limitations of your apartment, here are 3 essential organization hacks you’ll love.

1. Hang Stuff Up

Especially if space on your apartment floors is limited, it’s time to think outside the storage box and hang stuff up. Your walls and ceilings are among the more underutilized areas of your apartment. Sure, you might have a photo or two, maybe a piece of art, hanging there, but if you want to tap into your apartment’s true organizational potential, aesthetics follow function.

That’s not to say hanging stuff up can’t be done tastefully – quite the contrary. A bike hanging from the wall or ceiling, in the right space, can speak volumes more than an ordinary piece of art. Use cables or a simple, sturdy bike hook to display your passion for riding trails in the great outdoors. Similarly, coat hooks can be a beautiful part of your apartment’s décor, and they aren’t just for coats anymore. Coat hooks can be put just about anywhere, and can hold just about anything. Towels, hats, backpacks, you name it. If it can be hooked, it can be put on a coat rack. Plus, coat racks come in many shapes and sizes. They can be free form or fastened to a wall. Find one that adds to the beauty of your apartment and enhances your overall organization.

So, experiment in your apartment. Use bungee cords, Velcro, peg boards, magnetic strips, even the insides of your pantry and cupboard doors. Hanging stuff up is fun, and a great way to keep organized.

2. The Unnoticed Nooks

Many apartments have space to spare, but no matter the floor plan, every apartment is full of tiny nooks and spaces that aren’t utilizing their full organizational potential. See that skinny space between your front door and the adjoining wall? Try using a magnetic knife rack to store keys, notes, photos, and anything else that might come in handy as you enter or exit your apartment. How about the narrow space between your couch and wall? Maximize your sofa space by pulling your couch out a few inches to store decorations, foldaway tables and chairs, and other infrequently used items. And, finally, the underneath areas of your kitchen cupboards are begging to be used for more than just a hanging paper towel rack. Place hooks underneath for convenient storage of measuring cups, mugs, or pots and pans. Start to look around your apartment and get creative with the areas that tend to go unnoticed.

3. Maximize Personal Space

Roommates, family members, pets – sharing an apartment is all part of the experience. So, when it comes to your personal apartment space, it’s important to have a relaxing area for rest and retreat, and that means keeping things together and organized. One simple trick to maximize your personal space is to install shelves along the perimeter of your walls. Store stacks of books, plants, and display items on elegant, easy-to-install shelves. It’s a great way to de-clutter your room, and it looks great, too. And, consider buying a bed that gives you space underneath to neatly organize your items. Some even come with drawers for clothes, pillows, and spare blankets. Lastly, try framing a simple cork board as a unique way to store jewelry, and voila! You have a piece of wearable art, hanging on your wall.

There you have it – a few simple tricks to take advantage of some of the more underutilized spaces in your apartment. Now, tap into your creativity, think outside the ordinary, and make use of your unique spaces to become better organized.


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