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Become a Better Apartment Neighbor With These Tips

June 15th, 2017


If you’re like most people, you kinda, sort of know your apartment neighbors – there’s the guy who walks his dog at night, elevator man, exercise  lady, and, of course, swimming pool dude. And that’s as much as you know about them (other than they found an apartment for rent near you), and you’re pretty sure those aren’t their real names. If you’re ready to expand your social horizons, here are some tips for becoming a better apartment neighbor.

Tip 1: Be Friendly

You probably already do this, but being friendly to swimming pool dude and exercise lady as they pass by, towel and yoga mat in hand, can go a long way toward becoming a good neighbor. Try striking up a conversation the next time you see them. Based on what you know about them, you already have a conversation starter. You could even try to learn their real names and then put the knowledge to good use the next time you pass them in the corridor.

Tip 2: Be Considerate

The nice thing (if you want to make friends) and sometimes awkward (if you don’t) about living in an apartment is that you are extremely close to your neighbors. You share elevators, floors, and even walls with other people. Be considerate of your proximity. Keep the noise levels down and don’t come in at all hours of the night. And, when it comes to shared amenities, don’t treat them like you alone own them.

Tip 3: Offer Assistance

Everybody likes nice people. One of the best ways to make friends is to make them like you. Offer a helping hand to those who just found an apartment for rent, hold open doors and elevators, and help carry groceries in from the car. It may sound obvious, but helping others in need is a great ice breaker. It makes you feel good, your neighbors feel good, and when everybody’s feeling good, friendships are formed.

Tips 4: Host a Gathering

Now that you’ve met your neighbors, know their names, offered assistance and tried to be considerate, it’s time to invite your newly found friends over for a gathering. It’s one thing to be friends in the common areas of your apartment building, it’s another to invite everyone together for a social gathering. Again, be considerate of everyone in your apartment, but don’t be afraid to have fun. It’s these shared experiences that allow casual acquaintances to become lifelong friends.


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