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Tips for Finding the Best Balcony Decor for Your Apartment

July 13th, 2017


Your apartment balcony is your outdoor living room, and with the beautiful Utah summer all around, you want to make it a space where you’ll savor every minute. Take these steps to create balcony decor that fits your life and your space:

Identify a purpose:

Do you want to dine, or lounge? Most apartment balconies can accommodate only a single purpose, so identify the one thing you most want to do and then build your balcony decor around it. A single focal point (a central table, a view, a decorative pot) should provide the anchor for your balcony decor.

Find the slenderest way to meet the need:

There’s plenty of deep, plush outdoor furniture, but your apartment balcony will feel more spacious (and you’ll have more room for the rest of your balcony decor) if you look instead to the slimmest possible pieces to meet the need. For most casual dining, a bistro table can do the job as well as a full-size table that consumes the entire balcony. Slender, well-designed seating is just as comfortable as bulky plush pieces.

Clear the space:

If your balcony has become the place to stow sports and outdoor gear, consider taking advantage of outside or on-site storage so it can serve as real living space. No amount or quality of balcony decor can make a stack of coolers and a paddleboard disappear.

Check your sun exposure:

If plants are part of your balcony decor plan, you need to know how much sun they will get on a typical day and choose the right ones. Most apartment balconies have obstructions—an overhang, a wall, a shadowed exposure—but most plants described as “full sun” want at least six hours of sunlight a day. Watch your balcony through a sunny day. If you have less than that, limit yourself to plants that do well with indirect sunlight.

Consider all your senses:

Be sure to include at least one thing to appeal to each of your senses in your balcony decor. For your ears, nature will provide birds or the sound of the breeze—or you may want to add a small fountain to cover less pleasant noise. Textural items create tactile interest, and flowers and herbs offer aroma. For taste, give yourself a place to set down a cold drink or a bowl of fruit even on balconies not used primarily for dining. Color, form, and lighting, built out from your focal point, will draw the eye.

Remember, the outdoors itself is the main feature of your balcony decor, so resist the urge to overdecorate. Furnish your balcony to make the most of the fresh air and the blue sky and you’ll be sure to enjoy your summer home.


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