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Use These Tips to Enlarge Your Apartment Closet Space

May 19th, 2017


Truth: you can’t make your apartment closet any larger. But…hold on a second. You can make more of the space inside it. If your apartment organization is struggling, take a look inside your closet and see whether these tips might give you some relief:

Start with a clean slate:

It’s a rare day when you take off a shirt and declare you’ll never wear it again. Instead, it just gradually moves to the back of the closet while things you wear more frequently move to the front. So before you try to figure out how much space you actually have, empty the closet and purge. Take advantage of outside storage to reduce your apartment organization task to dealing with only those things you use on a daily basis.

Spot the holes:

With your closet refilled with your reduced collection, look for open spaces. Is there a space below your half-length hanging clothes? Unused volume above the closet shelf? If you don’t want to change anything else, these holes, at least, give you the size and shape of any other apartment organization tools you can add.

Build in a straight line:

As part of your closet purging you should have removed all the odd-shaped boxes and uneven piles. To keep things from disintegrating into chaos again, add tools to help you keep everything in military-style straight lines. Shelf dividers will keep folded clothes in their neat stacks so they don’t collapse into a single tangled heap. It’s an investment in your apartment organization and peace of mind to buy stackable containers, whether boxes or modular drawers, to fill open volume in an orderly way. Finish with matching hangers that keep hanging clothes at the same level and easy to see.

Look for organization solutions everywhere:

Don’t be limited by the names assigned to organizers. Sure, you can put shoes in a shoe organizer, but it’s also wonderful for rolled-up sweaters. Or the most organized underwear collection you’ve ever had. Or socks and tights. Gym clothes. Okay, you get the idea. Look at a tie rack and start to imagine everything you can hang on those efficiently spaced little dowels. Jewelry? Camisoles? A file rack can hold clutches and wallets. Desk organizers might be just the solution you need for jewelry or spare buttons.

Go vertical:

Efficient use of vertical space is key to apartment organization. Add shoe or pantry racks to the back of any swinging closet doors for boxes, bottles, jars, toiletries, etc. Look for any slivers of wall space in the closet where you can place a rail for hanging heeled shoes or scarves, or hooks for belts and jewelry. And don’t forget the vertical space outside the closet. Modular bookshelf units, styled with beautiful containers and accessories, let you turn closet storage into bedroom decor.

So maybe you can’t enlarge your closet, but you can enlarge your capacity for apartment organization by giving a little attention to your closets.


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